Spatial evolutionary ecology and microbial eco-evolutionary dynamics

About me

I am an evolutionary ecologist fascinated with bacteria, fungi, plants and invertebrates. But I am also very interested (not in order of importance) in politics, the complex interactions between science and society, geography and architecture. I like to see the world with different lenses and I have found that learning and interacting with people from other disciplines keeps me creative and engaged. In particular I am fascinated by the importance of space in shaping interactions and everyday dynamics from social housing, community spaces, urban planning to the evolution of microbial interactions. My engagements and interdisciplinary collaborations vary: workshops, outreach, community involvement, teaching and mentorship as well as different research initiatives.

I tend to be pluralist about ways of thinking and forms of looking at the world. Therefore, I really value and appreciate difference and have a strong commitment to increasing representation of minorities in science, including questioning and changing the ways our disciplines are exclusionary and built on histories of oppression.